Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oberlin College Taiko

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This week composer Ryan Lester, a graduate of Oberlin Conservatory of Music (’11), collaborated with eight members of Oberlin College Taiko on music for Art+Practice’s first feature film, AMERIKA: a notebook in three parts. Conducted by Matthew Chamberlain (’13), the Taiko music is part of a 90-minute score which mixes Eastern and Western influences and will continue to be recorded with students from Oberlin’s Conservatory of Music in the fall and spring of 2012-13. Ryan Lester is an internationally performed composer. His music is broadcast daily all over the world on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, for which he composed the currently used celebrity walk-on music. Oberlin College Taiko aims to share an appreciation and understanding of the traditional art form of Japanese Taiko drumming. The group includes Galen Rogers ('12), John Paddock ('12), Amelea Kim ('12), Chloe Dalby ('12), Nattie Chan ('12), Adam Weinger ('13), Nick Loh ('14) and Yue Qiu ('14).

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