Saturday, November 16, 2013


Revisit an Amerikan classic with LaserBoy, episode 11 of The Amerikans. LaserBoy is the story of James Lehman: artist, computer programmer, and inventor from Akron, Ohio. 

James Lehman
From childhood, certain things preoccupied James: math, science, audio and visual art.  All these things would come together beautifully in his creation of LaserBoy: a software application and hardware technology, adaptable to all computer operating systems, for designing and displaying stunning laser shows. Available at, this free platform gives artists around the globe the opportunity to create unique laser shows.

The soundtrack of "LaserBoy" features music by Tomáš Dvořák, a clarinetist, composer, and artist from Prague, Czech Republic. With roots in electronic music, Dvořák is also influenced by minimalist composers like Steve Reich.

Charles Glanders
Adding on to Dvořák's score is the work of composer and sound designer Charles Glanders, a TIMARA music major at Oberlin College who uses beats and audio effects to create a dynamic field of sound for the video. Listen for Charles original score and sound design on the next episode of The Amerikans, "These Are Mysteries", which will be out in the next month. Check out his website at

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day

"I’m a patriotic former Marine, always was always will be” –  Lenny Rumph

On this day, Art+Practice thanks all of our Veterans from all of our wars, not just for your service to this country, but for reminding us that such sacrifices should never be taken for granted. We also hope for the healing of those still suffering from the wounds of war, be they emotional, physical, or spiritual.

In March 2011, we released "Semper Fi": a story on Lenny Rumph, a former US Marine from Elyria, Ohio, who served in Vietnam and Desert Storm. As filmmakers who learn from our subjects, we thank Rumph for both his service to our country and for sharing his story about Vietnam. Of the Ohioans who served alongside him, nearly three thousand died while another twenty thousand suffered wounds. Rumph was among the latter. Watch his powerful story below.

“Believe me real combat is not like the movies. When you get shot it, you definitely know it. The adrenaline is pumping. The only thing you want to do is either return the gunfire, mainly it’s to get your butt out of there in one piece.”