Monday, April 15, 2013

The Music of the Bees

On Monday, April 15th, Art+Practice released Love & Venom, episode 13 of “The Amerikans,” with an original score by Ryan Lester and sound design by Charles Glanders. Glanders, a junior at Oberlin College’s Conservatory of Music, discusses his role as recording engineer and sound designer on “Love & Venom.” “While editing,” Glanders recalls, “the bees were an ever present force that were always in the background; and as a sound designer, I couldn’t ignore that; so while mixing I decided to draw a parallel between the buzzing of the bees and the buzzing of Don’s community. I wanted it to sound like one hive was taking care of the other and vice versa. Then when I added in Lester’s score, these layers became the music of the bees.” To hear more music and sound design by Charles Glanders please go to To hear more music by Ryan Lester please go to

Sound Designer Charles Glanders mixing "Love & Venom"

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