Friday, February 7, 2014

Art+Practice is proud to release a new photo series of all The Amerikans, including this photo of Danilo Vujacic, star of episode #5: Space Man. Here Danilo is no longer a young boy but a young man contemplating real space travel.

While the photos are credited to Mika Johnson and Micha Hilliard, Art+Practice owes a big thank you to Maciej Toporowicz, a multimedia artist based in New York whose skills in post made many of the photos in this series possible. 

Toporowicz's own work, which we highly recommend for its strange beauty and surreal quality, can be seen here: 

Ventilation shaft, 2011 - by Maciej Toporowicz

Art+Practice would also like to thank two Oberlin College physics majors, Benjamin Lemberger ('14) and Jocienne Nelson ('14), for their contributions to this photo. Thanks to them, the equations behind Danilo aren't just aesthetically pleasing; instead they include real principles in general relativity and descriptions of orbital patterns, something every Space Man relies on to return safely home.  

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